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"  The man who has confidence in himself gains the confidence of others ”   SECTION 206C(1H) OF INCOME TAX ACT,1961   Section 206C(1H) – Every person, being a seller , who receives any amount as consideration for sale of any goods of the value or aggregate of such value exceeding fifty lakh rupees in any previous year, other than the goods being exported out of India or goods covered in sub-section (1) or subsection (1F) or sub-section (1G) shall, at the time of receipt of such amount, collect from the buyer , a sum equal to 0.1% of the sale consideration exceeding fifty lakh rupees as income-tax. This section becomes operative from 1st October 2020.   Provided that if the buyer has not provided the Permanent Account Number or the Aadhar number to the seller, then the provisions of clause (ii) of sub-section (1) of section 206CC shall be read as if for the words “5%”, the words “1%” had been substituted. Points to b